SWE hold the Summary Meeting for the first half year of 2016

publisher: Jojo
Time: 2016-07-21

            SWE hold the Summary Meeting for the first half year of 2016

SWE held the summary meeting for the first half year of 2016 on 17th,Julyat Radisson Hotel which is located in Huzhou, near Taihu lake. All themanagerial personnel in middle-level attended the meeting. Every DepartmentHead reported its work for the first half year and also make a plan for thework of second half year. Then the General Manager Mr Hu made a comments on thework of every department and also made a through review of the first half yearwork of the company and raise the detailed requirements for the second halfyear work.

Mr Hu pointed out that the summary every manager made is comprehensiveand realistic, and also they made a thorough analysis on the current issues and difficulties. Especially the working plan for the second half year, it is with the definite tasks and measures. In the first half year, the compant took manymeasures to ensure the sound and steady development of the company, such as the effective integration and optimization with the material suppliers &subcontractors, the promotion of the automation etc. We also enhanced the cooperation with the customers, which ensure us to finish the tasks of everystage smoothly.

Mr Hu also required every department to make a conclusion of each’s work in the first half year,especially the experience and difference and then to raise the effective solution on the issues and shortages. Meanwhile every department shall carryout the measures to finish the task of the second half year smoothly.

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