SWE delegation visit Scolmore

SWE delegation visit Scolmore


Recently the General Manager Steve lead a delegation to visit ourmost important partner-Scolmore Internatinal CO.,Ltd..

The delegation arrivedin Birmingham on 8th,May and Peter—the Global Purchasing Director ofScolmore greeted us in the airport.

The delegationvisited the HQ of Scolmore in the next days. Peter introduced each Departmentand related employees to us. Scolmore also had a special meeting with Steve andhis delegation. Both parties discussed the development of new products and Mary—themanager of the marking also introduced Scolmore’s market exploring in themeeting. At the meanwhile, Mr Shan-SWE manager of the R&D had a discussionwith Mark, Chris etc. on the progress of new projects which are in thedevelopment currently. Steve prasied highliy on the achievement Scolmore got—douublethe sales in the last 5 years and also was excited on the Scolmore’s great planfor the next 5 years.

Both partieslooked back on last sucessful vist to Scolmore in July 2014 and agreed that itwas the last visit that promoted the cooperation of both parties to a newheight in last 2 years.

Scolmore payhighly attention to this visit and the General Manager –Gary also took part insome entertainment for the delegation.

The delegationcame back to Hangzhou on 15th,May and this visit is a successfulvist.