Hongshi have passed the products' annual review of 3C certification

Hongshi have passed the products' annual review of 3C certification

   Hongshi have passed the products’ annual review of 3C certification


On July 11, 2016, we ushered the two-day annual review for CCC products by China quality certification center of hangzhou branch. 3C certification known as the "mandatory product certification system", It’s the Chinese government to protect consumers' personal safety and national security, enhancing product quality management, in accordance with the laws and regulations to implement a product conformity assessment system. 3C Certification, is China Compulsory product Certification system, English name China Compulsory Certification,and abbreviation is CCC.

Arranged by team leader Mr.zhou, based on the 3C certification implementation rules and related documents, the factory quality assurance capability requirements, product safety certification standards and the product description report, accordance with the relevant requirements of the inspection, the auditor to create positions proportional amount and resources, documents and records, purchasing and incoming inspection,production process control and process inspection, routine inspection andconfirm whether the inspection and test equipment according to the periodic verification, the control of nonconforming product and internal quality interrogation,has carried on the earnest data, such as the consistency of product inspectionand on-site audit,then also checked the products’ specified testing and spot.

After verification,our company smoothly passed the national mandatory 3C certification.

To implement the quality system and the 3C certification is a long-term work,need to beat the quality consciousness and quality objectives into each employee, so that the quality management can beinto the higher level.