FCU′s 13A With F/0 (TA Range)
FCU′s 13A With F/0 (TA Range)

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Model No.: T413A T414A T415A T416A T417A T418A
T413A: FCU's 13A with F/0 + neon
T414A: FCU's 5A with F/0 + neon
T415A: FCU's 3A with F/0 + neon
T416A: FCU's 13A with F/0
T417A: FCU's 5A with F/0
T418A: FCU's 3A with F/0
Standard: BS
Packing: 10PCS/box, 40PCS/carton
Trademark: SWE
Origin: China
Certificate: BSI, ASTA, ITS, CE, ISO9001, ISO14000